Incurable people watcher and humanitarian

Perennial student of neurosciences and the brain

Practical psychology and evolutionary sciences

Peace ambassador

Cherokee Spiritual Elder

Spiritual teacher

Ancient Tablet Keeper and Interpreter

55 years of health, wealth and happiness coaching and training

Coaches and trains in success and business

Activist, life coach and leader in human development

Pa’Ris’Ha is a business and success strategist, thought leader, professional speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and writer. She bridges spirituality and science, teaches neurophysiological principles, is a catalyst for change and includes her many years of research in brain, mind, quantum physics, the biology and chemistry of transformation and the physiology of human genius. She is a spiritual archaeologist and a lifetime mystic. She inspires love and has compassion and a passion for all humanity. She teaches others to be able to communicate with the nature, and the universe. She can be childlike and humorous, as well as a “velvet hammer”. She loves sharing the wisdom of her Cherokee heritage in delightful stories.

Pa’Ris’Ha has both European and Native American heritages. She is a business consultant and Mentor, and a perennial student of Earth Sciences and Cosmology. She is also a Spiritual Archeologist, global traveler, and an ambassador for peace and advocate of human rights.  She gives credit to her Native Elders and Global Mentors, as well as teaches in wonderful stories that recall her life experiences.

Pa’Ris’Ha’s accomplishments include being a keynote speaker in the Parliament of World Religions Centennial Interfaith Program in Chicago with the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. In China, she is a catalyst in bringing Eastern and Western medical professionals together to seek a cure for HIV. Pa’Ris’Ha is also a popular and often sought-after speaker at the University of Physics, the Humanistic Psychology Symposia in Bratislava, the Institute of Psychiatry in Moscow, and in Siberia in the former USSR. She was an activist in resolving the Communist Party in the former Czechoslovakia and bringing down the Berlin Wall. Pa’Ris’Ha has been acknowledged as a Tibetan reincarnation of TARA, a Bodhisattva Buddha, by Rinpoche Kalu and a Bhutanese Rinpoche, T’sering Wangdi. His Holiness of Bhutan ordered a Stupa built for her and has declared her director of his Dharma Center.

She has been a guest speaker on numerous global TV and Radio appearances, and hosted her own Radio program ‘On Eagles Wings’ for two years. Her show’s ratings jumped to the top of the list in three short weeks. She taught an accredited CEU program at John Hopkins School of Nursing on alternative healing practices. Pa’Ris’Ha was selected by the Algonquin Nation’s past Chief and present Elder, William Commanda, to be an Elder on the board of “Elders with No Borders,” a global association of Wisdom Keepers committed to preserving the traditional spiritual knowledge and teachings of all indigenous people. She is a founder of the Yunsai (White Buffalo) Society, a not-for-profit organization of thousands of people globally dedicated to promoting interracial and cultural awareness. She founded The Center for Human Development, a humanitarian organization that for over fifty-five years has supported education and personal success for thousands of individuals. Pa’Ris’Ha helped establish the Adena Mystery School, a Mayan project, in support of Humbaz Men and Mayan Elders of the Yucatan. It is named after the ancient people and mound builders of the Ohio Valley whose lands are the present home base of the Yunsai Society.

When asked to introduce herself, she replies, “This one called Pa’Ris’Ha by The Principal People is a wife, mother, grandmother and an incurable people watcher. I am a child of God, loving, serving, living and learning in this world.”