Parisha says that your teachers are each other. You acknowledge that they are giving you opportunity to become masters. Each organ of your body is a data center. If you get microscopically correct with these stories, you’re going to have all that information. You want to find where you have stored all of those. If you don’t successfully resolve them, they will become disease that will take over your body. It’s all being set up in a moment of deciding to be ugly with someone. Master what can we do to guarantee man’s salvation, only one way, kindness. You want to watch the body’s reaction, recall it. When you do, you step out of time. It’s the hardest to bestow kindness on those you ask the most of. We come to the Center of the circle where there is nothing except Source. Unless you master the first principle of the Tao, you have no mastery of self. If you see something you that you perceive is destructive, ask the person what is that? What is this all about? You are giving the other person the opportunity to take charge and master. You are only being the DNA and the harmony. The only way anyone can look at something and say it is destructive is because it exists in them. Fail forward, happily, engagingly, fail forward. I got it. Allow yourself to see Truth, it’s the path in.

Don’t get caught up in the apparent duality of right or wrong. This is an opportunity to transcend duality. Every bit of success we have affects thousands and millions of others. You need to realize the volumes of people here, awaiting liberation.