Why Can’t You Have It?

Written by Parisha Taylor for the Law of Attraction Radio Network

What I have found, in my better than fifty years of research and teaching in the field of health, wealth and happiness, is that most people do not know what they really want. And sometimes a simple response when they say they can’t do or have something brings them to a stop. They never really know why!! So then it begins a whole new life when they say, “Yes, I Can Have It!!” They command and become the authority of the mandate of choice. You and I are in a mainstream world that denies and suppresses personal authority of our life’s dreams. The truth is, there is no one or Being saying “no” to you; you are just not saying “YES!!”

We are in a time of impactful futures, and I mean for everyone, not just a few, select individuals. Humanity is turning an evolutionary corner and this time, it is more than a quantum leap.

Our early education institutions are lacking the real base of enlightening children in how to think and grow rich. The real facts of what makes success are not being taught. Yet every child wants the reality of being healthy, wealthy and happy; it is an innate part of us as Humans. This lack of education has led us into wars and religious disputes for how long?

It’s just not the reality of what we really are; we are all geniuses and ever-expanding intelligence!! We have a glimpse of our capabilities in what we have brought to our lives through technology.

Look at our anatomy and physiology, how perfect the flow of life-giving force is complimented by all the parts and unique differences each are to the other, a community of 50 trillion cells!

Scientists are constantly discovering more and more capabilities of the Human Brain. Neuroscientists and biologists tell us that our conscious awareness comprises approximately 5% of our activity through our day, and about 95% of our actions are driven by our subconscious minds. For much of humanity that number is up to 99%! Consider the fact that our subconscious minds process data at a rate of 40 million bits of data per second while the conscious mind only processes 40 bits per second; look at where the stronger influence is coming from unless we make conscious decisions to take charge. The built-in fight or flight reflex has served its purpose for mankind, but consider now the waiting-to-be tapped powerhouse of energy and genius that is yours! It is in the blueprint of each of your 50 trillion cells!

What was once considered science fiction is now reality. As artificial intelligence advances by leaps and bounds, that still and always will take second seat to what your human brain is capable of. Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis are the studies that show that we can create new neurons to influence our bodies and experience new outcomes. You can make quantum shifts in your life – how you think, your state of health and your wealth consciousness. We must break old habitual ways of thinking and allow the expansiveness of the Universe and the quantum field to rush in!

The brain has come equipped to resist change because its role is to maintain homeostasis. So, until there is new information, there is no means to have change. Your brain will completely follow your original neural net, which is a copy of your parents’ and a compilation of early environmental experiences. Your beliefs about life create the life you have. The brain has no aging effects other than your own beliefs. We age at the speed we believe we’ll age.

We have to establish authority over our own brains by creating a new outcome to focus on and then train our brains to believe and follow this pattern in order to create a new neural map. What is the greatest ideal of yourself you can be? By persistent rehearsal of the new ideal, you establish authority over your life and control your daily experiences. Once we understand how our beliefs change our lives, we know that if we want to change our lives, we have to change our perceptions.

We must have a big vision for the impact we want to create, but we must also have a plan to get there.
Usually people go into business because they want to make a difference in the world. We want the freedom to do what we love and create a lifestyle we love. After many attempts and in spite of the fact that we may feel we have tremendous gifts and talents to offer, we fault-find that we did not have enough money to start or, if already in business, that we just did not have enough money coming into the business.

We get frustrated because when we take an honest look inside, we don’t know what we could do next to get our business and life on the right track. It takes a clear focused plan that you can put into action to shift your business into a whole new level of income and freedom. You must have new information to change the resistance and establish the new mindset.

With the right guidance, we can achieve great things in our business and life. Ramp up your business by having a clear role model that helps you match that success. Business can only grow as fast on the outside as you expand on the inside.

You must be open to experience and let in life-changing information to alter and expand your beliefs and mindset; information that allows you to play in a bigger arena.

Say good riddance to the old you and welcome in a bolder, bigger version of you with an outrageously positive outlook on the future as you finally discover how to create your dreams in business, relationships and life. It takes new connections and new people you meet at events, that give you the direct exchange and infusion of ideas and energy, to assist and encourage your growth and change. If you are real and your desire to change your life is authentic, then this is what it takes to do that. That is the message you are broadcasting out into the quantum field which will resonate back with reciprocal energies.

Step outside your presently known reality and beliefs and be open to learn and assimilate the new thoughts and mechanics you are studying. You must break and release old habits and, by repetition, do different, new ones that are in harmony with your dreams!

There are always infinite possibilities, live your dream! All Good Things.

Pa’Ris’Ha (Parisha Taylor)