Parisha shares stories of her Cherokee upbringing and the roles that the Elders and each person played in the lives of the entire community. What they all understood very clearly was the importance of community. Parisha would explain, “The way we live and the roles within our community is woven as a blanket, each thread a principle of the One. Our Elders are the Wisdom Keepers, who hold in safekeeping and demonstrate the wisdom for us. They nurtured us all as their own so we call them affectionately, “Grandmother and Grandfather.” We use Grandmother and Grandfather also for our Peace Keepers, helping us to remain open to what is fair and works for everyone’s good. From original time we have always called all humankind Brother and Sister, regardless of shades of skin, texture of hair or individual features of face. We are Human, the chosen out of all the creations to protect and be the stewards of our Mother the Earth and all life forms here.” ~ Gilbert