In book club today, Parisha Taylor was on – happily. She is the enrichment of this club. Yes the material is great, but she makes it come alive.

Kaku told the story of the donkey who starved to death because he sat in between 2 stacks of health, abundant hay. He could not make the choice of one or the other, he just stared straight ahead.

I see much of humanity is the same way. We have abundance of resource all around us, but we have accepted the environmental conditioning that life is a miserable existence of scarcity. We look around us, and even the desert is teaming with life. Donkey, trained to just stare ahead and stay on the steep mountain path in front of him, does not consider the craggy rocks to the left, or the thousand foot drop to the left. Which means that he missed the grassy knoll that led to the oasis.

Sound familiar? So ask yourself the question…. Who’s talking?


~ Cole Joseph