Recently, my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, (Parisha Taylor) was asked about the Indigenous prophecies and the Second Coming. I want to share her response: “We are becoming a totally transformed evolved Being. Different from the step-by-step practices and processes that keep us spinning in our denials, the accelerated pace at which we are moving today it is a leap into transformation that is called the Quantum Leap of consciousness. There are many different takes on just what or who is at the base of this and as we remain open to following our heart we will come to know. The wonder of life is that whether we wish it or not, we continue to seek until we find and are connected to our true self and our Divine Existence. When we attain our real self, spirit in form, we will experience so much more understanding and peace of mind. Love will be a given that is no longer our deep hunger, and knowledge will become the wisdom that liberates us. No physical affliction will affect us. Science is closer than ever to Mysticism as its Mother. And quantum physics is proving what spiritual seekers have found and what the ancients left us in scriptures to help us remember, that we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

~ Hannah Robinson