Parisha was discussing with us Continuum. She said, “Continuum isn’t out there, it’s in here. It’s a connection that’s never broken with source. The only way you will own it is if it goes out to more than yourself. Continuum, a key word to bring up the whole material that you read. You go into a continuum within yourself. It has nothing to do with anything outside of you. I am creating my own story line. The continuum of desire and allowing. Continuum represents the word infinite. It has nothing to do with opposites. If anything is the continuum, it’s the harmony. The continuum is you and Source. The infinite harmony that resides no matter what. The word is coded to assist you to cease the harmful chemical reaction in you. Continuum is the Source, the harmony that resides always, and nothing is ever wrong and nothing’s ever right. You are in the dualities. When you say continuum you step into the center of the circle, if you can’t take sides, you don’t make anything wrong or right.”