There is great power in spending time focusing on and determining what brings you joy and what your life purpose, vision and passion is. All the messages we have received growing up and in the world we live in has often taken us of course from who we were born to be. Parisha Taylor is an inspirational teacher and visionary. She has always shared that each of us are born with gifts, interests, and purpose. We each have unique activities which bring us joy. Sometimes what we are most afraid of is where our true purpose and passion and joy lie. The key is moving past these fears and following our hearts true desire.

Close your eyes and reflect on anytime in your life when you felt a happy moment and find any happy moment and what you were doing. You can find the most recent happy moment and then find the one before that and the one before that. Go as far back into the time as you can recall. Is there a common element in these? Look at the setting, are they in similar settings with similar sorts of people, did they have the same role?


~ Kalle Street