This seems to be a pretty hot topic these days. Cinema is pushing it with ‘Transcendence’, ‘Lucy’, and ‘Automata’… and Bruce Lipton just posted a series of articles on Facebook about the consciousness of the electron, the cell and beyond. Coronal Mass Ejections effect evolutionary shifts in consciousness and we are still going to work and watching movies.

Parisha Taylor has some pretty interesting things to say about consciousness:

We are God manifest and we are the glory, we are the love, and the almighty emanates from us! Where is God not? … The Heart is the true intelligence, and it energizes us physically and is the Center that controls our perception, emotions, actions and well Being. When we are empowered we are in alignment and this power flows through us. … As we are propelled into transformation, we must master our thoughts and mind. ~ Pa’Ris’Ha

I recommend you read her entire article here: Remember, she wrote this decades ago – and the scientists and movies are only talking about it now.

~ Kalle