For many people it is a huge dilemma to be aware of a desire to change something in one’s life and at the same time recognizing that the “same old same old” keeps recurring.

It is truly mind boggling that the brain processes 40 billion bits of information every second. It is easy to realize that many of these do not register in conscious thoughts. Generally most people focus on 200,000 of those and in fact redundantly focus on people, places, things, environment and time. In my years of study with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, I have come to realize that I can change this redundancy by feeding something new into my mind every day. As Parisha Taylor has taught me this is a way of adding value to myself. Science has shown that new information fed into my brain is associated with emotions. These emotions reinforce the ability to expand my thinking in new ways. Such an excellent exercise for getting out of the proverbial “box”!

I have pondered over the feeling of being stuck with repetitive and frequently negative thoughts which lead me only to frustration and despair. I have observed my thoughts going round and round like a merry-go-round without branching off to allow solutions to enter the picture. Any time I feed    new information into my mind, it is amazing to experience the expansion that occurs and the solutions that surface. At such times I move out of survival mode and enter a creative mode. This experience always is one of fulfilment, satisfaction and inspiration.

As Parisha Taylor teaches¸ the bottom line to all of this is the need to be WILLING to monitor my thoughts throughout the day. Once I identify the redundant thoughts that hold me prisoner, only then can I insert new information and new thoughts to transform my daily experiences.

~ Jessika Adams