We tend as a culture to be “control freaks” to one degree or another. We desperately cling to the idea of being in control of our own lives and even have the nerve to attempt to control others as well. The thought of letting go of any of that “so called control” can create a strong feeling of insecurity. On top of that, many people have lost any sense of connection to the Source of their existence.

PaRisHa Taylor has a profound statement about herself that inspires me: “I do not believe in God. I KNOW God!”

I find my connection in the most meaningful manner when I am outdoors in nature and/or when I spend time in my garden. In either instance I lose track of time for the brief moments and have a clear connection with a much larger force that I am part of. I consider that higher power to be Creator or God and recognize that I am part of that energy. Then I have success with the process of surrendering and letting go of my obsessive need to be in control.

~ Makayla Jorgenson