How to change the old patterns

How to change the old patterns

Ok, so I am like the donkey that starves because he cannot choose/see the abundant bales of fresh hay on either side of him.

So change that, says my teacher, Parisha TaylorHow? when locked in an old pattern, we totally don’t respond to the abundant opportunities that exist beyond the misery of our current existence. The funny thing is, we don’t see it as misery – because truthfully, it is the life that we have chosen. For whatever reason, it is more comfortable to us than choosing the life of our dreams.

How do we change that? Start asking “Who’s talking?” When we are in a state, are saying can’t, feel down and say, it is always this way and there is nothing else…. start probing the source of those voices. Soon, you will begin to see that they are beliefs you bought. As you identify those voices, you start knowing them as only that – voices. Now, you begin to allow in other story lines, ones of health, wealth and happiness.

This is an ongoing process – your cells bought that other story pretty hard – but don’t worry. You are greater than the existence of your cells – your are spirit and consciousness – your body does listen.

~ Josianna Wellington

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