PaRisHa Taylor assists us to examine the beliefs that we have based so much of our life on. She poses these questions:

  • Are our beliefs true?
  • What has led us to accepting their truth?
  • Can we change our beliefs?

I have heard the comment: “do not confuse me with the facts. My mind is made up.” Many of us have considered our security rests on having some stable beliefs and our worlds are somewhat shaken when we stop long enough to confront the validity of the beliefs we have stood for.  I am intrigued by the example the expression “I am losing my mind” gives us. We speak as if being our overwhelmed and losing our minds is a detriment. And yet, losing our old minds and brain patterns is exactly what we have to do in order to replace it with a new, open mind that is ready to tap into the vastness of the potentials available in the quantum world of reality.

~ Josianna Wellington