I came across this post on Parisha Taylor’s FB page, https://www.facebook.com/Ven.Pa.Ris.Ha, that moved me so deeply, I want to share it. It takes me back to the summer I was so blessed to be with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha in Southern Ohio and the magical and mystical adventures we had …

Parisha Taylor, ” Ahhh morning and the new sweetness of beginnings!! I settle into mediation with awe of my life and Great Spirits generosity. My body/altar and it’s Being the nucleus of my cell of life. Again I am filled with that feeling of love that floods into each cell and atom of my Physical presence. My closed eyes are filled with that inner pale blue light that is my Spirit and everlasting light, I submerge my awareness into the nothingness of all things!!!! I am again with the Great Ani Ela and my eyes will seek one thousand beautiful things and my hands will touch one hundred sacred things, and realization and bliss are mine as I open my eyes and look into my life and the landscape of love!!!

All good things!!!

~ Edmund Wagner