My Elder, Parisha, shares stories of her childhood and growing up in the Eastern Woodlands of Cherokee in North Carolina. Her stories are pure magic, and to listen to them on a clear, starry night, sitting around a hearty campfire, I am transported by her stories outside the time and space I generally occupy. I feel so content, knowing in that moment, there is nowhere else on Earth I would rather be than to be in the present state of enchantment by her stories of the Beauty Way. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha shares, “We begin by opening our eyes and looking into this world with our Spirit and saying, ‘I AM again today in the great Earth Mother. I am trusted with this gift of a new day, a new life. I am free of yesterday and all past. I begin a new life with greater wisdom and love. I welcome all my Relations to share this time with me. I give to you Great Spirit every thought and action of this day as my very best and pray ever to be your joy, as you are mine. I am your instrument, use me, use me up that not a moment or heartbeat is squandered. You are – I Am.’”

~ Gorgie